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humbled | mojave desert

a touch of lovely

Sometimes all we need it is touch of something lovely in our lives. When I am having a “day” or better yet a few “days” there is one thing I adorn my house with that makes me happy instantly, fresh flowers. If on one of those “days”I have to leave the house there is always […]

our new home | impossible project film

  We moved last week into our new home!  We are just so excited we could burst.  It’s been a long awaited transition that we have been longing for for quite some time!  It felt like it all happened in an instant and yet we will probably be sorting through boxes, and placing our belongings […]

be mine

    I love that today is a celebration of Love.  Kevin and I have been so fortunate to witness love expressed in many forms and fashions as the stories of each of our clients and their families unfold before our very eyes.  We feel so honored to capture these moments, freeze them in time, […]

holga | summer’s end

No Trespassing // Personal Post {Big Sur Travel Photography}

Oh goodness.  It has been a while since I have posted anything this personal.  I used to do it a lot more often and then things got a little crazy around the TWWL home front.  Not to mention, I’m not too sure this isn’t more for me than anything else!  In any case… Kevin and […]

a great man

We recently lost our dear grandfather Joaquin deSilva.  He lived a “life” filled life. Though we mourn his passing, we celebrate that life.  He lives in our hearts and in our memories as a remarkable man. This images was shot April 2010 on our family road trip Grand Canyon.