Out of Office // Personal Post {Husband and Wife Lifestyle Photographers}

All Aboarrrd, Let’s Go!  It’s time for a vacation!  (Or in our case, more like a staycation.) That is right, Kevin and I are taking a little time to relax and make some memories of our own!  That usually consists of some quality family time, the occasional hike, a winter blockbuster or two, and a whole lot of not getting out of our pajamas and streaming some smutty television show off of Netflix.

It’s been one crazy year for The Why We Love.  We still have so much to be finishing up, delivering to our clients, and sharing with you our friends and followers.   To visually recap this year’s amazing couples and such is not an easy task to do.  There were so many wonderful stories that were captured and moments throughout the year that it will take some time to go back and relive it all.  I am looking forward to doing so. We will get to showcasing that work in time but for now we are taking some time for ourselves.  This time of year is a favorite for many reasons.  The Holiday’s, the celebrations, the time with family and friends.  I also love the opportunity it brings to us to rest a little bit, to reflect on the past year and prepare ourselves for the year soon to come.  So that is what we will be doing in the coming days; resting, reflecting, an preparing ourselves for the next part of the ride.  We have so, so, so much to look forward to in 2012.