be mine



I love that today is a celebration of Love.  Kevin and I have been so fortunate to witness love expressed in many forms and fashions as the stories of each of our clients and their families unfold before our very eyes.  We feel so honored to capture these moments, freeze them in time, and not only help document them but also celebrate them in all their love filled glory!  Over the past year we have been so blessed to meet some deeply, head over heals in love people. It’s become a passion of mine witnessing how differently love is expressed among people.  Man, do I feel so lucky to do what it is that we do.


Kevin and I are heading out soon for our special Valentine’s night out!  It will most likely consist of a local Monrovia eatery and coming back home to catch up on a favoriteshow on Netflix or perhaps catching the late showing of The Artist.  But before we did we wanted to share with you some sweet portraits of love.  Happy Valentine’s Day Memory Makers!