VOICE {TRA Contest Entry}

I would love for you to click on this here link to meet our matey, Rollei Dundee.  Yes friends and fans, Sr. Rollei is back to his usual antics, gallivanting the world seeking vision and inspiration!  This time ,under a new alias, Sr. Rollei (or in this case Rollei Dundee), is earnestly trying to win a coveted spot to the Sarah and Chris Rhoads Photography workshop.  This is a spot given by  none other than the amazing team at Totally Rad Actions.  VOICE is a once in a lifetime experiential workshop to be held in beautiful Canberra, Australia.  As it has been a lifelong dream of both Kevin and I to travel Australia, I have also felt equally enamored with the work of the Rhoads’ duo.  So here is my submission video to TRA.  Thank you all for the wonderful opportunity!


You can go here to view the video in Quicktime!