Mr. Owen {Altadena, CA}

Please meet Mr. Owen. As far as 3 year olds go this little guys is the cat’s pajamas. I mean he is really that cool. With the wit of a British Sitcom, and the innocence that only a 3 year old could posses he is simply all kinds of wonderful. We started the afternoon in awe and wonder of old trains at Travel Town. With a pause every so often to contemplate why most of the trains weren’t moving; it always ended with a speedy resolution that ‘they just had no where to go’. After a while the afternoon sun posed to be a bit too warm so we oppted to cool off in the back yard. Grandpa powered up the sprinklers and the water fest began. For this little man the showers seemed larger then life. After a while, all bets were off and we all got a bit soaked. Not a bad way to spend a warm summer afternoon. Here are a few images from our time together.