Comforts of Home {Wisconsin Lifestyle Photography}

The comforts of home are inexplicably unique. For me it is the smell of the old leaves decaying on the forest floor, the breeze off the lake, the softness of the bark on the woodshed floor, uninhibited starry nights, and weird groans and calls from beyond the hedges in the middle of the night, among a few other things. Our tour across the country has been exhausting, uplifting, and heartbreaking at times. When we arrived in Wisconsin we felt a well deserved rest settling in. This is very much where my obsession with camper trailers began. Danielle probably had no idea what she was in for when she married me. Colors in Wisco are unmistakably vivid and thoroughly saturated. I don’t think that green exists anywhere else in the world like it does here, with maybe the exception of Ireland. If you feel like making a visit don’t neglect your mosquito repellant as I am pretty sure they are setting up a colony here to overtake the continents of North and South America. They may even overtake Northern Europe. We have had a great time listening to the calls of the Sasquatch at 3 am also. We have been visiting with old friends and great family for a week now and that familiar melancholy is sinking in knowing that we are leaving soon. At least we will have some images, which seem to freeze time for a thousandth of a second, for us to recall when our longing for our loved ones settles in. Some images are full of beauty and some are meaningful only to the beholder. Sometimes the smells of a place flood in when I look at an image. It’s funny how we are wired to remember. Many more images to come.