A Picture of Grace – Full Post {Seattle, WA}

In Hebrew the name Annie means ‘blessed with grace’ and it is fair to say that this is one woman who truly lives up to the name.  Graceful and elegant in every way, Annie is a true beauty to behold.  I have come to know and love this woman with all my heart.  She is the kind of woman who you want to spend more time with because she always makes you feel better about yourself just being around her.  She is supportive, affirming, and down right hysterical.  We are kindred in too many ways to count. Annie is a loving wife to Tyler, and recent mother of a bubbly, delicious, little boy Zealand.  This is one trio that Kevin and I feel honored to call family .

I actually love the word ‘grace’.  Much like Annie herself, this one little word holds so much depth and meaning.  On one hand it can refer to a person’s beauty, stature, and elegance.  When it comes to the law it can be understood as favor, or pardon.  But there is one meaning that carries so much weight, and in Annie’s case holds so much truth.  The word grace can also be defined at Divine favor towards man, the mercy and acceptance of God, a Devine love.  I think that it is fair to say that Annie experienced the true definition of this word earlier this year.

Little Zealand wasn’t due to arrive until April.  While at a routine check up in March, Annie and Tyler were prepared to leave the appointment when suddenly they were told that Annie would have to deliver immediately as it was a matter of life or death.  In the moments leading up to Zealand’s birth, the two were informed that Annie had a rare and life threatening syndrome known as HELLP and if she did not deliver immediately there were high risks for both her and the baby.  Not knowing what to do, Annie and Tyler made the toughest decision they had ever faced.  Without knowing fully what was about to take place, both leapt in faith, agreed to a c-section, and within moments had become the proud parents of their healthy baby boy Zealand.  On March 18th, as life nearly slipped through their fingers, they were extended an insurmountable amount of grace as both Zealand and Annie were granted life on that day.  Today, I stand in amazement in how much strength this young family posses.

This shoot was a celebration of the gift that Annie is to her family as wife, and mother.  It was intended to not only document Annie’s femininity, charm, and beauty but symbolize gratitude for her LIFE.

Thank you Annie for welcoming us into such an intimate space and allowing us to share a glimpse of your story with the world.