tea for two | lifestyle

I had the joy of working alongside my dear friend Jess Koehler again yesterday.  We have been in the process of finalizing a project together.  I am always so grateful each day we get to work together.  There is nothing quite like working alongside your good friends.  Any who, I arrived to the home office a tad late and despite my tardiness she welcomed me in with a delicious cup of Chai.  I am not a coffee drinker so to be handed this delightfully sweet, but not too sweet, spiced indian tea….well, that was the way I needed to start the day.  Just the right amount of caffine to jolt me into focus.   This morning I woke up thinking about that tea.  I thought to myself “I can probably come up with something similar” and I set off to do just that!  It’s not a traditional chai with all the worldly spices and such.  But there is just enough spice to make it all together delightful.  I am not usually one for following a recepie so I just really did a little of this and a little of that.  I did, however, manage to remember what I used just in case I wanted to recreate.  It was delicious… so I wanted to share it with you.

Here is a little Spiced Black Tea, perfect for two and maybe for three.  Play around with the ingredients, but be sure to set the mood, take time to enjoy, and share with someone you appreciate.  I enjoyed mine in the garden with my mother, and of course my dear friend Canon;)

Cheers! D