sunsets | colorado travel photography

No matter where we are, no matter what wild card life hands us, no matter how down and out we feel, there is something so calming, so life giving, and so majestic about a beautiful sunset.  This particular sunset was literally breathtaking! Kevin and I have been on the road for days now.  We have witnessed some incredible sunrises and sunsets but nothing, not-a-one, compared to this night.

We were just outside of Littleton, CO after looking at an Airstream we were thinking about purchasing.  After leaving empty handed we were feeling a little bummed about our situation.  I suppose I should rewind just a bit to give a context.  If you remember our earlier post {Exploration} I shared how the launch of our journey started a little early when we discovered (and agreed to purchase) a 1957 Bubble in Denver, CO.  We were stoked about the new addition to our Airstream venture.  Our best friends made the trip up to Denver from Monument to give the seller a deposit and handshake on our behalf.  When we arrived to Denver to pick up the Bubble and finalize the sale we quickly found out that the man selling the Airstream sold it to another party just two hours prior to our arrival.  We were devastated!!!  Not only are Airstreams a passion of ours they are also a part of our livelihood.  Thankfully we were able to walk away from the situation with our deposit, but still left with broken hearts, and a bursted Bubble (pun intended).

Since we’re in the market for a new Airstream we took the opportunity to see what possible gems could be in the area.  We found a listing on the Denver Craigslist and headed to Littleton only to decide that it was not the right Airstream for us.  While leaving Littleton heading to Monument to meet up with our friends we ended up on some back roads by accident.  Just ahead of us were some of the most ferocious thunderheads.  Looking ahead into the deep grey sort of resembled our state of mind at the time.  I looked into my rearview mirror and out of the corner of my eye caught a glimpse of the most beautiful orange and blue sky I had ever seen.  We quickly  snapped out of our funk and pulled off to the side of the road.  This is one thing I love about being a photographer.  No matter what the circumstance is, when the camera is in hand it forces you to get out of your own head and enter into a world where only authentic beauty exists.  On the side of a random road, in an unfamiliar place, in an unfortunate time, we found solace in a sunset that felt like it was meant for just us.  Looking up into the sky, despite the few short moments we had with the sunset, it felt like there was an eternity of hope ahead of us.  In the glory and wonderment of that sky it felt like the journey we had taken was no longer about finding the Airstream of our dreams, but living out our dreams in each moment.

Kevin and I are firm believers that all things can be turned for the good.  Though our time in Colorado didn’t result in an Airstream purchase, it did result in some good insights and time with good friends (post to follow).

Here are some images we took on the side of that road.  Film and Polaroids to follow soon!