Publication | Interview With Kodak


If you have been following our work for a while now it is no secret we have an absolute love for film.  Yes, we love motion picture film, but what I really mean is good ole fashioned, tried and true, analog film stock.  It is by far our most preferred medium for both still and motion picture.  (You can read a bit more about why that is here under the Artists section of our blog.)  Like so many talented film loving artists out there , we have been shooting Kodak film stock for both motion and still for years so when Kodak reached out to us about an interview regarding our Super 8 & 16mm films we were…. well, humbled to say the least.

It is no surprise to us that Kodak  film is still the preferred choice of major motion picture film makers and award winning television producers.  While it may seem like a whole industry is hopping on the digital bandwagon, legends in their field such as Spielberg, Nolan, Tarantino and a personal favorite in our household, Wes Anderson, are holding steadfast to their use of Kodak motion picture film.  Even some of our most favorite televisions series like Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead, just to name a small few, used film as their preferred medium.  Often times the viewer will prefer the look of film and not really know why.  It is our belief that for many, film imagery hits at the core of a person.  It is familiar, nostalgic, relational, realistic, and connects with more than the glimpse of the image but how the image makes them feel.  When Matt Stoffel of Kodak reached out about an interview we were thrilled at the opportunity to share a bit of our story.  Matt spent some time with Kevin, our principle cinematographer, allowing him to speak candidly about our beginnings and where we hope our love of film will take our family business.  

We hope that you will take some time to head on over to the Kodak website and read the article yourself.  We hope you will share your thoughts in the comment section below the interview:)  Thank you to Matt and Kodak Motion Picture for supporting small businesses like ours, allowing us to continue to do what we love with the medium we love the most.