memory maker tour 2012

The Memory Makers are hitting The Road and (most likely) coming to a city or town near you!!!!

From the time Kevin and I started dating The Road has been a huge part of our lives.  Early on we would pack up the truck and head somewhere, anywhere really.  We are fortunate to have that shared love for travel and adventure.   As many of you know we also share an above average love for vintage Airstreams.  We have owned a few in our lifetime together.  We’ve lived in them, loved on them, and passed them on to other loving homes.  It’s more than just a hobby for us, it has become a way of life.  We recently sold our ’84 Limited to a couple in Joshua Tree; naturally when we saw  a rare 1957 Bubble (post to follow) on Craigslist we could not pass up the opportunity to own and restore a piece of American History.  We were planning on taking a road tip to Wisconsin for a family reunion in August, but when we got word of this new find… our bags were packed and we were on The Road within 24 hrs.  Now if you have been following us on Facebook or Twitter then you know that  it was all part of the plan to head out roadtrippin this month.  In fact with tons of family and friends dispersed throughout, we decided to make a grand expedition out of the trip.  Instead of taking the couple weeks we would normally take, we are touring the Nation for the entire month of August.  With our bikes attached, Airstream hitched up, little Harley by our side, cameras in hand, laptop standing by, MyFi keeping us connected, and a portable hard drive, there is really no reason we couldn’t take this photo show on the road.

We would love the chance to connect with you while were are out and about.  For those of you interested in a session with us we have Quick Connect packages available for anyone interested in some real Memory Maker fun!  For my Photog Friends please contact us…we would LOVE to connect while we are on the Road.

Here is our tour dates all in the month of August:

4th-9th: Colorado (Denver, Colorado Springs, Rocky Mountain National Park)

10th-11th: Minneapolis, Mn

11th-18th:  Spooner, WI (Duluth, MN)

19th: Pit stop btw MN & WA ??????  any suggestions?

20th-24th:  Seattle, WA

24th-31st:  West Coast Tour (Astoria, OR, Eurika, CA, SanFran, Monterey, SLO/SB, LosAngeles)

Please Look over the dates.  If we are near you and you would like to meet up we will do what we can to make it happen.  Contact us soon!!!

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or give us a buzz: 626.644.6981