hun + austin pt 1 | private estate wedding atherton, ca

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here is part one of hun and austin’s romantic private estate wedding in atherton, ca.  we love all the thoughtful details that went into this wedding, from the dynamic florals, personalized sweets, the canopy of edison lights, to the carefully curated cocktails.  this was one luxurious fete with a down home aesthetic.  head over to once wed to see more images and their film featured today.  come back tomorrow to see the day-after barbeque.

private estate in atherton, ca | planning & design : bash, please  | photography : the why we love  | videography : caravan  | catering : paula de luc  | cocktails and bar : pharmacie  | watercolor invites and custom mast brothers chocolate : lauren spencer king | florals : brown paper design | ceremony music : elan artists | dinner music : the leftover cuties | dj : dj mike cruz of the flashdance | vintage rentals : one true lovemilkglass, and mignonne (3 different companies) | rentals : classic party rentals | linens : la tavola | lighting : got light! | cakes : miette | wedding dress : lanvin