Rain {Personal Post}

It has been raining, a lot.  Lately every day is rainy, rainy, wet and rainy.  I love the rain, but every now and then I need a little glimmer of light.  Even if for a brief moment where clouds separate to let me see that there is some blue sky shining on the other side.

For all those out there who are like me and love to explain most things in life as a metaphor, you can probably tell by now, I don’t just speak of the rain itself.  Though the prior statements are true in regards to actual rain, sometimes it is the metaphorical ‘rain’ in our lives that is overwhelming.  I do love all that rain could symbolize; refreshment, cleansing, the flooding in of any emotion…  I get all those things, I do…but  around the Holidays things tend to  get, well, a bit stressful around the Snelson homestead.  And with literal and metaphorical non stop rain for the past few weeks I can’t help but stop and think; what does this all mean?

The last few months we have encountered our fair share of roadblocks.  I think over all we have been optimistic and hopeful but over the last weeks it has been increasingly difficult to simply remain calm.  With a flood of hardships, you can’t help but lose your cool every now and then, and today I just about did that.  And of course as the saying goes ‘when it rains, it pours’. Today in true form and fashion, there was just one more mild road block that felt like genuine cats and dogs raining on my head.  It was enough to make me nearly crack.  Have you ever had those moments when enough was simply enough?  When you have been working hard to not lose it and you’ve done a pretty good job handling it? Well, today…..was not that day, at least not doing ‘a pretty good job handling it’.  The torrential downpour of literal and metaphorical rain, today, were literally getting to me.  I had enough.  I simply wanted to know there was hope, an end in site.  It was that moment that I stopped, put my head in my hands, and was quiet….really quiet.  From the kitchen window was a ray of light  peeking through…. My mom walked through the door at that moment and out of her mouth came the words, “there is light…that must mean that somewhere out there is a rainbow”.  WOW….for my family rainbows hold a huge significance.  In the Bible a rainbow was the symbol of God’s promise to Noah that He would never flood the earth again.  Being the metaphor gal that I am, the rainbow has been a symbol in my life that God’s promises are always good.

I did not actually see a rainbow, but I saw the light.  For a moment, the rain had stopped and the mere thought of a rainbow peeking down, even into someone else’s backyard, was enough to bring calm.

Here is what I love most about rain.  When it is gone, things are greener, the skies are bluer,  it is truly life giving.  The light shines a bit brighter  when the rain has been around.  I like that a lot about the rain.

I love the rain!  Let me start to finish this post by stating that fact as to not create any uncertainty.  I do, I love it.  In fact Kevin and I dream of a day when we can be surrounded by all the good it brings while living in our dream city Seattle….

Cheers to the rain!