Blurred Vision {Personal Post}

Most of us have two lives.  The life we live, and the unlived life within us.  Between the two stand Resistance. – Steven Pressfield {The War of Art}

I spent time  with my old friend Janean the other day whom until that moment I hadn’t seen in 16 years. When I say old I mean we go way back; grade school, four square, SCORE cheer camp, lunch lines, Clearly Canadian, Atari, and the list goes on.  She and her family moved east 16 years ago and we stayed in touch for about a year after she moved.   Janean is the creative genius behind Due Design Daily.  She is crazy talented in more ways then one.  She is a graphic designer, poet, painter, drawer, singer, songwriter, and visionary to the core.  She is all together lovely and a special person to know.  A few years back we reconnected via the interweb.  What a wonderful example of how even Mark Zuckerberg‘s selfish ambitions could result in the serendipitous reunion of two creatives.

We sat over a lite lunch and tea catching up on life, family, love and of course that which naturally consumed the bulk of our conversation,  passion.  Passion for our craft is the very thing that connects us still today.  After so many years of separation it is the need to create that deeply links Janean and I in a way that is beyond what we could have ever imagined at the age of 13.  She has been a huge supporter of The Why We Love watching as we have been coming into our craft, building our brand, and introducing ourselves to the world.  As she and I sat and discussed photography the overriding theme coming from my mouth was in reference to my fear.  I procrastinate on personal projects for fear the outcome will not be as beautiful as the vision or the dream of what it could be.

I live in a  state of knowing who I am now as an artist and recognizing who I could be.   I am always envisioning where Kevin and I could go with our craft and constantly battling the resistance to reach ‘that place’.  The mental picture I have to illustrate just how I feel is much like the photo above.  That in between point where I am looking through the view finder while moving my focusing ring around until I hit my focal point.  There is something about that moment in between, where everything is blurred, where life seems a bit out of focus, and yet the beauty is still present.  The colors collide, the light is moving, and the power to capture even that seemingly imperfect moment is overwhelming.  I find that I do this a lot.  The blur is beautiful to me and after sitting with a friend delving into the psyche a bit, it is truly symbolic of us as the ever evolving artists.  “That is exactly how we see life, as humans, a bit out of focus” Janean reassures….  She went on to mention  Steven Pressfield’s book The War of Art, ( a book that has been at the top of my list of must reads) and how he reiterates if we as artists are not terrified of the process of creating the very thing we are creating why are we even doing it.  As if to say that point of ‘resistance’, where vision is a bit blurred, is a very significant part of the process.  Perhaps the most import part of the process for the artist them self.