anne sage for target | editorial fashion

130515_City_Sage_1007_000027800007130515_City_Sage_1010_000027800010130515_City_Sage_1002_000027800002130515_City_Sage_1008_000027800008130515_City_Sage-2925130515_City_Sage-2905130515_City_Sage-2930if you don’t know my friend anne sage, you should.  she is as witty and kind as she is beautiful and you can see that (clear as day) she is verrry beautiful.  she is an incredible writer!  over the years she has utilized her lifestyle blog, the city sage, as a platform to not only expose her readers to the ways of a well curated lifestyle but engages readers into the pursuit of authenticity when doing so.  her style tips intertwined with introspection is so refreshing!   when you first dive into her blog you will quickly notice she has a very chic and clean fashion sensibility. often juxtaposing classic menswear sillouetts with a on point feminine staples, she creates styles that are quintessentially anne.  a true sartorialist, it was no wonder she was asked by target to showcase her style utilizing current trends found in stores now.  here are a few frames from a recent session we did highlighting some of her recent finds.  so head on over to anne’s blog to get the full scoop on her outfit. a very special thanks to my dear friend and artisan rachel for helping out with the hair and makeup.