A Glimpse Into The Why We Love’s Creative Process // Nick + Katrina Sneak Peek {Pasadena Engagement Photography}

Nick and Katrina are the epitome of sweetness!  We’ve  been looking forward to their love story session from the time we first met over sushi earlier this year.  After spending a few hours with them wandering around The Arroyo we are even more excited for their awesome wedding in Orange County this coming summer!

We shot their Love Story session recently and are in love with so many moments shared between these two.   We couldn’t wait to share just a few with you. And yes… Katrina is the ultimate of cuteness with her ban.do red sequence heart and luscious curls!  We were also excited to test out some new processing thanks to the innovative team at VSCO.  Visual Supply Co. offers some pretty awesome film emulation software for post processing and some amazing resources for photographic creatives.  As most of you know, Kevin and I have a deep love and special place in our hearts for film.   Just like listening to our old LPs, we will never give it up and nothing will ever takes it’s place. That being said, we love what digital photography offers us in the way of creative freedom and immediate gratification (amongst other things).  This post is just a glimpse of how (for The Why We Love) both digital and film photography work in tandem for us as a way to tell a complete story.  People often wonder why we don’t just shoot one vs the other.  For right now the short answer to that question is… because we don’t want to, nor do we have to.  Thanks to our rad pals over at RPL, we always get the most amazing quality in our film processing.  When we get our film back it is our bar, our standard, and our base line for how we process the rest of our digital images.  Then with a combination of our own processing techniques and now some help from our new pals at VSCO we can create digital images that help convey the core of what we aim to communicate as story tellers.  After all, that is our first priority… being present in the moments that help us capture and tell the story of love and beauty.

Digital BW processed with VSCO Illford HP5 / Grain +

Digital Color processed with VSCO Fuji 400H / Fill Light +

Color Film Fuji Pro 400H processing and scanning by Richard Photo Lab