No Trespassing // Personal Post {Big Sur Travel Photography}

Oh goodness.  It has been a while since I have posted anything this personal.  I used to do it a lot more often and then things got a little crazy around the TWWL home front.  Not to mention, I’m not too sure this isn’t more for me than anything else!  In any case…

Kevin and I are big fans of vulnerability.  In the midst of it, genuine moments happen within a person’s story that are just magical.  In order for our clients, and readers to get to know us a bit more, beyond what they see in our imagery, we have tried to commit to using this forum as a place for us to be ourselves; venerable, and raw.   Unless you wanna grab a beer sometime and hear our crazy life stories, this is a good way to gather bits and pieces.

It has certainly been several busy months of great loss, learning, growing, productivity, transition, and healing.  We have captured love stories, marriages, growing bellies, and growing families.  We have made new friends, lost dear loved ones, taken big business risks, and even bigger personal risks.  We have fought a lot, cried a lot, laughed a lot, and loved even more than all of the above put together.  We’ve learned new shooting techniques, editing techniques, and communication techniques;)  We have exceeded expectations, missed deadlines, pulled all nighters, and rested now and then.  We’ve been featured on the web, published in print, been given praise by our clients, and sought after by new ones.  We are certainly moving in every direction that any small business owner could hope for and dream.  It is exciting, yes, we agree.  And none of this is us fishing for praise or recognition but simply a reminder, mostly to ourselves, that it can be done.  That goals can be reached, and dreams can be lived out.  That as imperfect the process may be, there can always be a glorious turnout.

I think that every artist at some point reaches their  point of “resistance” (as Pressfield likes to call it in his genius book The War of Art). ( I know I keep going back to this book, but really it’s a winner!)   For me, resistance happens about once a month, around the same time every month….  what?  Just keeping it real;)

Most know that resistance comes in all different forms, and at any given moment.  It cares not for what time of day or week it is.  Whether you have had enough or not.   It is certainly an unavoidable force to be reckoned with.  I think for many artists, or really anyone trying to live out a dream or reach a goal,  resistance is often an extrinsic battle.  Family, friends, employers, or anyone telling you that you can’t do what it is you are so dying to do.  That, my friends, is the inevitable.  That is the constant, the norm.  I don’t know if there will ever be a day when the outside world won’t get on your back about something!  The exception to the rule…. is you!  You are the only one; I am the only one, that can do anything about how I treat others and myself, or how I fight that fore-mentioned battle.   What I really think, is that resistance, for every artist, for every mother, for every student, for every person working towards being the better version of themselves,  is more often an intrinsic war. Please, I know I am simply reiterating Pressfields thoughts on the matter, but I believe it to be true.  At least I am trying to live as if I do.

Venerability helps a little.  Allowing yourself to discuss the actual presence of resistance in your life.  What is the first step to any good 12 step program?  Yes, Admit it!  You are in desire of something great in your life.  Now, be alert, resistance will soon follow.  Fight.  Again, and again.  Fight.




Please feel welcome to comment below.  If you feel the desire to chat it out, we would love to hear your experience.   Even send us an email sharing with us your own recent experience with “resistance”.  We whole heartedly believe life is meant to be lived together, sharing, and growing.  So…. share away!