pavement | utah travel photography

We have spent all night and now most of the day on the road.  The rout took us through Navada, the tip of Arizona, Most of Utah and finally into Colorado.  It has been an amazing trip.  Utah is hands down one of the most mezmorizing states.  I never, EVER, get board when driving through Utah.  Tired maybe, but never board.  Kevin and I love the colors, the richness in the soil, and the clean air.  

Passing through usually feels like a breez (except after you pull an all nighter).  The sun was shining and the clouds just rolled by until we began to approach Colorado.  It was nearly the second we reached the state line when the thunderheads rolled in.  It was a glorious and nearly frightening sight all at once.

First stop in Colorado is to pick up our new Bubble in Denver.  Then off to Monument.  And finish off in Jellystone Park in the Rocky Mountain National Forest.  Stay tuned!