We are Kevin and Danielle Snelson, the principle artists behind The Why We Love. With a deep love for one another, a passion for story telling, and a heart for the marriage adventure, we offer fine art collections to the like minded from all around the world.  Deeply influenced by the sun drenched seaside of California, or as we call it, home, our imagery thrives in well curated environments that celebrate the beauty of natural light and vast landscapes.


We prefer film because it is the medium that allows us the greatest connection to the art we are creating.  Simply put, film forces us to slow down and focus on the quality of our work. It’s organic nature allows us the freedom to create imagery just as we envisioned, the moment the shutter fires; capturing the color, the light, the environment, the emotion, the impressions.  As your chosen artists, our desire is to curate a collection that is a timeless representation of not only what your day looked like, but what it felt like. Film allows us to do just that. It causes us to remain present, offering us the opportunity to insert  ourselves into the imagery, and to connect with our couples on an intimate level. Our desire is to share in your day and present you with a beautiful heirloom collection that is crafted from our own unique perspective.

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